Game Status

The Game Status window presents information about the state of the game world, and is docked on the side of the screen to make it easy to alt-tab while in game or to work with it open. The main area of the window contains a number of sections that can be expanded and reordered as needed. If several are open at once they can be scrolled vertically using the mouse wheel (as long as the mouse is not over an item that itself can be scrolled, such as a list or the map). You can select the docked screen side and monitor to use (if you have multiple monitors) under Misc Options.

Launch game

The Launch game link at the top of the window will only be available if the game is installed. Clicking it will start the game normally (connecting to the live server). In addition you can launch the game in other ways by selecting an item from the drop-down menu:

For Play Online items the icon on the left indicates the server state. The tooltip will also show the server’s current population.

Version check

If you have selected Check for latest version under Startup Options the version number below the logo will highlight red when there is a new version of BEGM available. Click it to visit the homepage and download the latest update.

Sleep mode

Because BEGM actively uses your network connection to poll Wiretap for small updates you may not want it running while you play Battleground Europe. You also probably don't need it running through the night if you leave your computer on (eg, at work). To avoid having to remember to exit manually, BEGM can automatically drop into a “sleep mode” when playing the game or after an idle timeout. While sleeping BEGM uses no network bandwidth and minimal memory, and wont interfere with anything. You can configure dropping into sleep mode under Startup Options, or manually switch to and from using the tray icon menu.


When in sleep mode BEGM can be set to automatically wake up after the game exits. With auto-wakeup enabled, BEGM will check to see if the game is running and wake up when it hasn't been found for 3-4 consecutive minutes.

Tray icon

When you click the close button on the Game Status window BEGM keeps running in the background to receive new events and to notify you of any alerts you have selected. To open the window again you can either left-click the tray icon or use the menu:

Tray icon menu (running )

Tray icon menu (sleeping )