BEGM options can be accessed via the link at the top of the game status window or via the tray icon menu. The dialog is divided into sections, each of which can be reset individually using the Defaults button.


Wiretap server


If Internet Explorer is configured to use a proxy server but you don’t want BEGM to, select Proxy server but leave the Proxy hostname blank to force no proxy. If your proxy requires authentication BEGM will prompt you for a username & password. You may enter your password once each time you run the program or choose to save it (this is done securely outside BEGM using the Windows’ Credential Management API).

Test Connection

To see if your current settings are valid before applying them use the Test Connection button. This will attempt to reach the selected Wiretap server and display either “Success” or an error message. It will also always display the proxy password dialog if you want to change or unsave your password.



To generate a test alert with the currently selected settings use the Test Alert button.

Alert filters

Alerts are grouped into batches and shown at most every minute. Even so, you normally won’t want to receive alerts for every game event. When you toggle the Edit filters button you are given the option to filter which events you want to be notified for. You can choose to filter on event type, associated town, associated country, or any combination of these. In addition, you can always show alerts when:

The default settings filter out all towns and only alert when there is a new attack or a town has been captured. The pop-up alert for a new attack will contain a Show future alerts for this attack checkbox that will add the town back into the filter. The Show alerts checkboxes in the Current Attacks window do the same thing.


The following settings are only available if you have the Hires Map Plugin installed.

Wallpaper options

Use the Apply button to update the wallpaper with your new settings.



These features are mainly for testing and are not normally needed in the general operation of BEGM.


Select the language to use for the user interface. You will be prompted to restart for the change to take effect.