Current Attacks

The Current Attacks window contains a list of towns that are under attack or have recently been attacked. Specifically, a town will be present if it has an AO or any events in the past hour. If a town has an AO but no events it will appear greyed out and cannot be expanded. The title of each town contains its flag state (owner, controller, contested status), the town name, an optional AO icon, and the town's activity level indicator. By default only contested towns will be expanded – you can toggle a single town by clicking on its title or use the three Expand all, Expand contested, or Collapse all buttons.

Each town is listed with their associated game events, excluding factory-related events. Note that some events may appear under more one town (eg, firebase changes, brigade movements) if both towns are present. As with Recent Events you can double click events to jump to the relevant section for more detail.

Above the event list are the following: