Town Status

The Town Status window displays all available information about a single town. It is usually accessed from other areas of the program but you can also select a town from the list. The information displayed will depend on the features and current state of the selected town.

General Info

If available, the above fields will also include the time since the value was last changed. You can mouseover the Attack Objective text to see which HC Unit placed the AO (which may or may not be deployed nearby).

Capture progress bar

The capture progress bar gives an at-a-glance summary of the progress of the current attack. When a town is uncontested it appears as all blue (Allied) or red (Axis). As facilities are captured by the enemy the marker moves to the right, so you can immediately tell who is attacking who and the ownership of the town.

Each facility is weighted by its importance according to a simple scale:

1 Non spawnable facilities (cities, factories, etc)
2 Depots (excluding spawnable depots)
3 Airfields, Docks, Friendly held spawnable depots
4 Enemy held spawnable depots
5 Armybases


Each facility in the town is listed with its current owner, icon, and name. Depending on wether the town has an AO and/or is contested there may be additional columns:

Capture time

Lists the time since the facility was last captured, with more recent entries highlighted yellow. You can mouseover the value to get the capture time and name of the last capper.

Table state

The current state of the capture table in the facility. Tables have three states:

Tables will appear when an AO is placed on a town and radios for non-military facilities (non armybases, airfields, docks) will appear 10 minutes later. The military facility radios become available after a town is contested for 10 minutes.

Spawnable column

Indicates the ability for the owners of the facility to spawn units there, according to the game rules. Note that the indicators are relative to the current town owner, not a particular side. That is, green means the current owner can spawn, not say, the Allies.

Facility is currently spawnable by friendlies – the side that owns the town.
Facility is owned by friendlies, but is a enemy spawnable depot
(ie, meets the conditions that would allow the enemy to spawn there if they captured it).
Facility is currently spawnable by the enemy – a spawnable depot that has been captured.
Facility is not currently spawnable by its owner (eg, no brigade, enemy depot with no link, etc).
Not a spawnable facility type (eg, city, factory, etc).

Deployed HC Units

If any high command units are deployed in the town, the brigades and their divisions are listed here along with their deployment time.

Linked Towns

Each town usually has a number of supply links to nearby towns. If a link is a reasonable distance it may have a pair of firebases between the two towns. Each linked town is listed with it’s owner flag (click to go to map), firebase state icon, name and distance. Firebases are only active if the two towns have different owners (an offensive firebase) or different controllers (a defensive firebase). The icon has four possible states:

The inbound (near) firebase is up.
The inbound (near) firebase is down.
The firebases are currently inactive.
There are no firebases between the two towns.

Nearby Bridges

If there are any road or rail bridges either in town or within 5km they will be listed here. Currently doesn’t do much (hope to have AO’s and bridge state in future).