Brigade Status

The Brigade Status window shows information about a brigade or a division HQ. Each unit is listed with its abbreviated name in a grid at the top, separated by country and branch. Selecting an item will display various pieces of information, depending on what is relevant, about that unit and its current state.

Chain of Command

Shows the position of the selected unit in its country’s command hierarchy. Click on an item to jump to the Order of Battle tree.

Division Members

Lists all members of the selected unit’s division and their deployment location, with the selected unit highlighted. You can click other members to view their details instead, or click the town name to jump to Town Status. Greyed out entries are currently undeployed (routed).


Shows how long the unit has been deployed at its current location and details about the last time it was moved. Click the town name to view its status, or the flag icon to jump to the Game Map.

The redeployment timer on the right indicates the time remaining until the unit can be moved. The circle is green if the unit is deployed on the map or red if it has been routed (sent to training). The timer counts down counter-clockwise – a green timer has a range of 1 hour, a red timer of 12 hours. A dark full circle means the unit is available to be moved or deployed. You can mouseover the timer to get more information.


Shows the unit type (click to view the unit’s Equipment) and short name, along with the current Commanding Officer (CO) and, if present, the acting Officer in Charge (OIC).

Stacked with

Lists any other units that are deployed at the same location along with the deployment time. Click a unit’s name to view its details.







Movement History

Gives details about the unit’s movement requests and attempts over the past 12 hours. A unit is moved by a High Command player (or acting OIC) in two stages. First a request is made that, if valid, schedules a pending move attempt. After a few minutes the move attempt is made which, as long as conditions haven’t changed, is usually successful. If another request is made while a move is pending the earlier request is cancelled.

Each row represents a move request and its associated move attempt. If Hide failed attempts is checked then only successful and pending moves will be shown. Otherwise all items are listed with a tick or a cross depending on whether they were successful or not. Mouseover the cross icon for the reason the move failed.

A greyed out entry without a player name or icon is a system move that occurred automatically, such as when a town is captured and the units deployed there automatically fallback.