Game Map

The Game Map window provides a live mini map of the game world showing town ownership, contention, deployment, links, and other information. You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or the +/- keys and scroll around by dragging with the mouse. The town or firebase under the mouse pointer will be displayed in the top left corner. To jump to a specific town simply type the first few letters of its name while in the map window and select it from the list.

Selected town

When you click on a town it becomes highlighted with any links to other towns drawn. It's owner flag and name are displayed below the map (click to go to Town Status) and the following information is shown:

* Idea shamelessly stolen from KFS1’s View CP page.
** Kindly provided by FOGABAN from

Map options

You can configure the amount of detail drawn on the map by selecting items in the map options menu. Your settings will be remembered next time you restart the program.

Supply Links

Friendly links that are “blocked” are highlighted white. Blocked links prevent brigades from being manually moved over the link (they can still manually or automatically fallback). A friendly link is blocked when there is:

Player Activity

The player activity overlay shows areas of the map that have had recorded player deaths in the past hour. The map is divided into cells (currently 500m x 500m) which are updated every minute. The level of activity is indicated by colour, yellow to white, from most to least deaths. The brightness of the cell indicates how recent over the past hour the activity occurred.

Hires Map Plugin

If you want to be able to zoom in further and have the available memory, you can download and install the Hires Map Plugin. You will then be able to select several larger map sizes from the Map Options.